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Hi there! we are so excited to be visiting Polperro for a week in July. We are staying in Ten Steps cottage on the Warren, and are thinking about maybe booking a night in the Crumplehorn Inn with dinner the night before we get there (so Friday the 7th July). This would be nice because we have a baby, and if we stay in a pub we can put her to bed with the baby monitor (assuming the range reaches to our room), and come down for a nice meal and drink. We don't get out much as we live in the middle of the countryside in Aberdeenshire with no family nearby to babysit!
Ayway, it's nice to see so many dog friendly places too as we have two (a big dog - lurcher cross and a medium - black collie cross). I see we can't walk them on the beach, but is that just the main one in the village? Are there beaches nearby we can walk them in? From Ten Steps is it easy to get to the coastal path? Is that path treacherous for dogs off leads? (or only the very stupid ones!).
The other thing was that we might quite like to get a babysitter one night and check out the night life action (in other words go for a nice seafood meal somewhere and go to a few pubs on the way home). Does anyone know of anyone trustworthy who might do this? We generally tend to put Laura to bed ourselves first, although maybe with said babysitter arriving a bit before bedtime so they can meet, should she actually wake up (which is rare as she normally sleeps through).
I get  the feeling that you are all lovely friendly people, I seriously cannot wait for our holiday! Leanne
hi there I posted a message on the 11th May, no response. Do you know anywhere else I can look, if there is another forum at all? many thanks Leanne

We can't force people to reply to you Leanne! Let's see what I can manage!
The Crumplehorn or Claremont would be good choices for you and they are pretty switched on to people's needs - they might have a suggestions regarding babysitting for you as well at least whilst you are staying with them! On another occasion ask locally possibly in the news agents or Post Office. Most beaches in Cornwall have dog bans in the summer - just like the rest of the country! If you are staying in the Warren - it IS part of the coastal path - hard to get lost - come out of your cottage and turn right (or left)! The paths aren't all that dangerous but on the whole I would say any dog is capable falling off a cliff! More importantly people are too especially if tripped up! I suggest you keep your dogs on leads if they are boisterous. If they are tired old plodders like mine got to be that might be different! Brian



Hi! Could anybody tell me if their are spaces in the Large Car park at the beginning of polperro where me and my wife could park our Motor Caravan in order to visit your lovely fishing village and if so could you advise us of the charge for a day's stay we would be most grateful.

For many years me & my wife have visited polperro and stay at the Killigarth Manor Holiday Park in tent's, touring caravan and last year at whit in our Motor Caravan. But we where not happy with the way some improvements had been made there namely the increase in lodge type holiday homes and their future plan's for the holiday parks layout.

But this will not stop us from continuing to visit your fishing village in the future, but we had many long wonderful holiday's within polperro. This is the reason for our request regarding parking? so we can continue to enjoy the wonder's of polerro for many years to come even though we won't be staying at Killigarth anymore!

Also we are looking to stay in one of the many cottages within Polperro in February 2007 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary but we are having problems finding somewhere who allow pets i.e. dogs. If anyone could let us know of any cottages available in the Month stated we would be most grateful. Regards Paul Watson
Paul - on the main Polperro page at the top in the heading is a link for accommodation - that would be a good place to look as a starter! Brian
092 12/05/06 Tony reports in answer to the question about luggage transport! Give Ashley a call on 07866 456 183
093 03/06/06 can anyone tell me where i can buy a 9ct gold cornish piskie please or the e-mail address of the joan the wad shop in polperro 
094 03/06/06
Hi! We have stayed at the Killigarth Manor Holiday Park (21st-25th May) and we must say we had a fantastic time. I thought that Polperro was a lovely little village and I will be definitely booking for next year. A big thankyou for all the people who live there you made us most welcome.
This is just a quick question, please could you give myself and my husband some more information where we could purchase some of Celia Duncan's artwork or does she have a web site?. As we think that her artwork is great. Or any of the shops where we could but some of her artwork from as this would be most helpful. Many Thanks Denise & Kevin Scott
Google finds her! Brian
095 03/06/06
Hello, Was trying to locate a reproduction copy of the 1782 smuggling poster shown in your site. Have seen them over the years but have never been able to find one. Any ideas?    Capt. R. Ashton Ross
Capn R - I have forwarded this to Jeremy Rowett Johns in hope of an answer! Brian
096 05/06/06
Lost - A small pygmy hippo cuddly toy answers to the name of 'Kippo'. Last seen on the wall outside the fish stall at Fishna Bridge at about 9.30am, Saturday 3rd June. Could you please help reunite William with his favourite toy, many thanks. traceyandgrace@yahoo.co.uk
097 11/06/06 Can someone please tell me how Edmund Curtis is and if anyone has a contact address for him so that I can send him get well wishes. I first met Edmund in the early 70's when I lived and worked in Polperro.  We come down at some point every year and Edmund plays a big part in our enjoyment of your beautiful village. We have just spent a week in Polperro and it wasn't the same without Edmund.     Pauline Mertens
Edmund is down at his son's in Newlyn for the time. Will have more of a update in the next couple of days. Charlie & Carole
I'm very sad to report that Edmund Curtis died on Wednesday 28 June. The last of the Polperro Fishermen of old times. Brian
We are so sorry to hear that Edmund has died, our sympathy goes out to his family and to his friends. He will be sorely missed by us and I'm sure by many of the visitors that he befriended. He was a lovely man & a gentleman. Rest in peace Edmund. John & Pauline Mertens
098 06/07/06
Wondering if someone out there can help me find a copy of a book by Edwina Taylor called "Dark Tide of Talland". It was published in 1972 by Robert Hale and is a story set in the area.
Would be grateful of any help. Jacky Edmondson Talland Bay
099 14/07/06 Can anyone share with me the name of the listed building that is attached to the Former Public Conveniences at The Warren in Polperro?  Does anyone have any history on that listed building?  I was only able to uncover that it was a loft warehouse that used to sell fisherman's netting in days gone pass.  Any information would be most helpful. Thanks, jencast2002@yahoo.com
I can't help you with that but did you know that the attached public convenience recently sold at auction for £39,000? A developer has some sort of idea for it! As far as I can see it measures about 12ft by 7ft so I don't suppose it will be a multistory car park! Brian

on the 25 july we been married for 25 years on 28 th friday we will be coming down for two nights go back on sunday staying at the claremont hotel see if we make some friends when we are down in polperro see you all then from stephen and diane hunt

we are staying for two nights looking for somewere to eat at night hookntackle@aol.com
Hi all, Staying at the Killigarth manor estate for 2 weeks from the 22/07/06. We have 2 small children aged 5 & 6 any info on how to keep them entertained would be appreciated. First time back down this way for 35years, so not sure if things have changed much ?? Cheers
Dave & Kerry
102 20/07/06

Hi Hope you can help me.  I have just returned from a fabulous holiday in Polperro.  It was my first visit and I'm hooked!  Whilst there, the BBC were filming for a future TV Programme.  It was a privilege to be able to watch the proceedings, highlight of which was the Fishermens Choir and the Lifeboat.  Could you please let me have details of when the programme is due to be televised?  It would be great to 're-live' it all again!  They've certainly chosen the right title for the programme!  Can't wait to return. Thanks

Hi Sue! Sadly as many in the village can't get BBC4 you may not find out! Hopefully someone with a satellite dish will leap to the fore with an answer! Brian
Sue - The programme has already started on BBC4. The one about Polperro is due to be screened on August 25th or September 1st.  I will tape same - if anyone would like to see it leave a message on here. Carol.
I don't know if the series will pitch up on terrestrial steam powered TV in due course or not so if  people know anybody who has Freeview it would be really neighbourly of them to record it! I would certainly like to see it! Brian
Carol, I would also like to see it. Do you have the details of the other villages in the series?
Sue (but not the first Sue!)

Hi Brian, According to the production company the Villages programme is due to be screened on the 25th August at 10pm (BBC4) Cheers Tony

Brian\Sue (1st & 2nd). The programmes so far are very good. Showing a lot of the village concerned and interviews with local people. Various villages included are in Wales, Scotland and Bourton, 4 miles from me.  I will definitely tape Polperro.   Anyone who would like to borrow ring me on *.  Maybe an excluse for me to come to Polperro to deliver it! Regards to all. Carol

* If you are interested get in touch with Brian - on the usual address!


Just to let you all know Polperro will be on the BBC4 Perfect Village series on the 25th August..

See you all in September.. Regards Chris

103 01/08/06
just came back from polerro had a great time - stayed at the claremont for two nights people in the shops pubs seem to make you welcome and chat me and the wife will return hookntackle@aol.com
104 08/08/06
Hi I have three signed prints that I bought from the artist Ralph Griffen in the early 1980's
Is there anyone interested in buying them from me as they have been in a trunk ever since I bought them.
105 08/08/06
Message to NEV. see you in Sept from the drunk from Northampton.
106 08/08/06

Last year I visited your beautiful Polperro with my husband who is actually English but now resident in New Zealand.  I am a New Zealander but was very surprised to find I had ancestors who actually came from Polperro to New Zealand in the 1800’s.  Maybe it was because of this I had a longing to visit Cornwall and in particular Polperro without knowing anything about it. 

Hopefully we will be back next year to enjoy the beauty.  We will be wanting to rent a cottage as some friends will be joining us.  I cant wait.  Judy Lyon NEW ZEALAND teljude@gmail.com

107 15/08/06
I gather there is a pub for sale in the village ....does anyone know which one?
I could be interested. Donna Dickinson
Try Peninsula Commercial,Exeter.Tel:01392 848484. Kate
108 22/08/06 Hi, my family and I have been holidaying in Polperro/Looe for many years since I was a child.  One of the highlights of my holiday was to visit the gorgeous little cafe known as "Piskies Pantry" and when my daughter was born we carried on the tradition for a few years.  However, we had not been able to get down for a few years until May this year and we were all very sad to see that Piskies was no longer there and had been taken over.  It used to be a piece of magic to go in there and see all the murals on the walls of the piskies and the little wishing well and we will always remember it as it was unique.  Please can you tell us what happened to the owners?  I think there was Alan and his wife and their son and daughter.  Do they still live in the village? Sue Benet
They all moved out of the village after selling the cafe. Tony
109 22/08/06 Just come back from a visit to Cornwall and Polperro and bought the most fantastic fudge in the worls at the Cornish Maids Shop - does anyone know if they do mail order - getting withdraw symptoms already!!!  Lynne
110 26/08/06

Afternoon Brian,  Remember me from message 19?  Well Andy, Tess the Collie and I are coming back to the area on 1st September for a week, and we are bringing my mum with us this time too.  She's going to 'Dog Sit' when we come to Polperro and can't bring the dog, which isn't often because of all the great places she's allowed to visit with us (the dog that is, mum's pretty well house trained and we can take her almost anywhere).

This time we are staying in Polruan, but hope to spend lots of time in Polperro, we loved it so much last time we came!  Looking forward to seeing it on BBC 4 too!

Also, if the girls we met last year are reading this, we haven't forgotten your photographs, I'm going to send them to you ASAP!  And Tess says hi!

Kate, Andy and Tess xx

111 26/08/06

Re message 102

Hi All - in great anticipation watched the programme last night. The programme showed how lovely the village is but did not emphasise what a great place it is to actually live in.  It did not mention of any of the local community, local facilities, wonderful local spirit or anything to make people vote for The Perfect Village.  It merely emphasised how many homes were being bought by holidaymakers and how local people could not afford to buy (which we know and what is happening in any tourist place).  Only showed about three local people.   Disappointing compared with the other episodes. Carol.

112 26/08/06
Hi all We have just returned from Polperro, and have been down about 8-9 times in the last two years. Would eventually like to move to the area, it seems with everybody else. Are there many jobs in the local vicinity. I was tempted to apply for job in the chocolate shop when i was down there. At present i do not worry what sort of job i do.
  Many thanks to all the great people we have met over the years you always make us feel really welcome.
  John, Catherine and children
113 30/08/06

Sue Stevens wants to know if a TV programme filmed on the 12 July has been screened yet. It wasn't the Perfect Village one but involved the Choir and the Life Boat. She is hoping she didn't miss it.

Anyone know? Brian

According to one of the producers of the Perfect Village, the other film crew were from BBC news doing a piece about the stupid new requirements to have a £21 licence for each of the concerts. Doesnt explain why they filmed the whole concert though. Tony
I saw that piece - Murray Collings defining his feelings on the subject! It was broadcast on a West Country evening news magazine programme. I wonder why the recorded so much - usually TV crews just get the snippet and leave! Brian
114 03/09/60
Hi all   I have just been sorting out some Picture Posts i bought while down in Polperro from local bootsale. I have discovered inside one a stamped envelope addressed to Mr Reginald J Davies Chemist of Polperro dated 1946. Also some old exam papers arithmetic, English and Intelligence tests. There is no name on these papers but the workings out are in pennies and farthings.
  If anyone would like to claim this lot for local history use i will glady send it on.Email john@bond007288.fslife.co.uk    Regards John, Catherine and family 
115 03/09/60
Hi there  I am trying to find contact details for a local artist named  John Sweet.
He displayed some pieces in  various places in Polperro and i am looking to purchase one for my partner. Any help would be greatly appreciated  Thanks  Ivan Green
116 05/09/06

Hello, We will be staying in Polperro for 2 weeks in September and need a long-term (weekly?) parking permit for the public car park. Where can this parking permit be purchased and do we have to book this in advance or can this be easlily done on arrival? Thanks for your advice and best regards, K. Simpson

Hello Karen, No need to book in advance. See Chris who will probably be floating about looking helpful in the cart park. If you arrive out of hours you should see him next day but a note of your intention on the windscreen would be a good idea. Have a nice visit! Brian
117 06/09/06
Laurie and Pat Percival would like to contact everyone who was present on the 5th October 1975 at the Polmary where we had our wedding reception.
Pat & Laurie,  Saw your message on polperro web site. Were still here at  Nevilles Restaurant (ex Sunlounge) after 22 years !!!!!!!!!!!!! Up for sale if interested???  Neville and Liz Jolliff
118 09/09/06

Hi, We’ve been visiting Polperro for years and last year my fiancé proposed to me at Talland Bay.  We both love Polperro so much and would love to hold our Civil Service Wedding there.  Can anyone help at all?? We can’t find any information on how to apply.  We are looking at 22nd September 2007 and would be for a few close friends and obviously a party afterwards for Polperro itself… friends we haven’t yet met.  Please help! Thanks  Jill and Glynn

I would think the Crumplehorn in might be a good bet - Alan & Sonja!    
http://www.crumplehorn-inn.co.uk/           Brian

I am told that the Mill House have a licence to have Civil Weddings there. Tony

Dear Jill and Glynn
Further to your question about civil marriages in Polperro at the Old Mill House Inn we have just gained our license for civil marriages and offer a full service, we can guide you through applications to the registrar and offer everything from the ceremony its self to reception cake cars etc everything you need or just the venue its up to you.  We are the only civil venue in the village. If you would like more information you can look at our web site polperroweddings.co.uk regards Jan
119 11/09/06
Hi We have been to polperro many time and spent a week there last month. We are thinking of coming back for new year, but wanted to ask if you need to prebook to get into pubs, or whether they are only open for locals. There would be two adults and one 11 year old. Any help would be greatly apreciated.
Paul & Niki
I'm not a pub goer myself and I go to bed early on New Years Eve! As far as I know it's the more the merrier but then how would I know!! Perhaps the various pubs would like to state their policies for posterity? Brian

After visiting your village for a week in 2004 and 2005 (and like most people falling in love with it) we are returning for the New Year week this year. I have heard that for New Years Eve many people dress up. Is this true? Do locals and visitors alike take part? Also do pubs such as the Blue Peter sell tickets for this night or is it a case of if you can get in you're welcome? Thanks for any help. Vanessa

Looks like a flood of enquiries - yet still no word from the pubs! Brian
A lot of people who go to the pubs dress up in fancy dress for New Years Eve. None of the pubs have in the past charged admission.    It will be very busy.  The general process is that people start at one end of the village and work their way through all the pubs. We are considering doing something
slightly different at The Crumplehorn Inn this year but have not finalised anything yet. Watch this space....... (or our website)   Alan & Sonja Crockford Crumplehorn Inn and Mill 01503 272 348
120 16/09/06 I have written a novel based on Polperro which is in the process of being published.  I am in need of a picture of the village around the time of the Albermarle shipwreck. (1708) or there abouts, also a map of the village at that time. Thanks Jill Hall
121 16/09/06 Many years ago I purchased some watercolours by the artist HARRY VAUX from a gallery in Polperro, and wondered if there are any more of his paintings for sale in the area?   Malc
122 22/09/06
hi we are coming to stay in polperro for a week starting 4/11/06 are the fire works dispays still going,and if so are they going to be on the saturday or sunday many thanks paul
Events page -- http://www.events.polperro.org/index.html
131 26/09/06
hello, i wonder if you can, my family and i are travelling to polperro to stay for a week in harbour view. i wondered if anyone had a wireless connection for internet access that they would be willing for me to use during the week as i have exam revision to complete and it would be helpful to use the internet. all this would entail is borrowing the access code for a wireless internet connection, which could then be changed once we had left. i would be very grateful if anyone could help, and i would be willing to pay a charge for this. thank you, James. jamessims1@gmail.com 
132 26/09/06
About 10 years ago I bought a pencil sketch at a car boot sale in Manchester for 60p of Smugglers Cottages Polperro. When I looked closely at the picture I realised that it was an original sketch and was signed Griff 66. Can you give me any more details of the artist or any other of his work or whether or not this picture is of any value. Many thanks. anndoyle24@msn.com
Griff was certainly a local painter and reasonably well known  - he has several mentions in past messages. As regards value you would be better off taking the work to a qualified art dealer. Brian
133 02/10/06
Hi there. I'm thinking of moving to Polperro to run a shop and am wondering about how you get your groceries home!!
As I don't have a parking space at the moment, would I have to park in the main park and haul the groceries in a shopper trolley to wherever I'm living -  I fancy the Warren which is probably the worst place for getting the shopping back. Are there places to live in Polperro with a decent sea view that have parking?? What are the chances of finding a parking space further into the village than the main car park? I'd appreciate your advice.
Anne Brown 31 Kew Gardens Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear NE26 3LY Tel: 0191 252 8548
When I am in the village I find the local shops meet all my needs,Yaxleys will even order fresh meat etc
for you.Part of the charm of village life is being part of the community and for me a daily shop with a friendly chat beats a mad trolley scramble any time.This weekend I bought  fresh figs for the first time and Kate the greengrocer explained how to go about eating them,you wouldn't get that off the teenage shelf stacker in a large supermarket. All the businesses in the village need as much support as possible,as will your own shop. Kate Blinstrub
134 04/10/06 I 'lost' a dear friend of mine, Gerald Leck.  The last time we talked  was about 5 years ago, at which time he lived in Polperro.  His  parents reside in East Looe.  I haven't been able to get a hold of him since I said something over the phone which I am terribly sorry  for.  Gerald, I didn't mean to not ever call me back  ...I just meant  for that day.  I am so sorry, my dear friend.  I still live in Huntington Beach.  Please get in touch with me.    cwallace5@mac.com    Much love forever, Cathy
In response to message 134 on 04/10/06:
Thank you everyone who relayed my message to Gerald.  We are now in touch again.  Grateful always, Cathy
135 05/10/06
So sorry to see the web cam from the Claremont Hotel has gone awol. We have got so used to our daily fix of polperro life and hope it will be up and running again soon Still, only 8 weeks and we will be there again for real  
Has anyone ever thought of a webcam of the harbour ? Richard
I guess it will happen one day! First thing we need is someone in the harbour area who wants to leave their computer on 24/7! Brian
Hi Richard, I read your message and only then realised that my Webcams were down. I am also very pleased to hear that you enjoy viewing them. They are now up and running again. 
The CCTV/Webcams are controlled by a dedicated computer and we have a screen at reception to monitor that they are working. The signals are then transferred via a Router to a "Broadcast" computer which is my office computer. However the broadcast computer cannot view the Webcams that they are broadcasting. Therefore a third computer is needed to check that all is up and running on the internet. I use my personal computer for this and try to check at least twice a day. However during hectic days this is sometimes overlooked and according to Sod's Law this is the day that they go down as per yesterday. It is normally only a matter of shutting everything down and after restarting usually everything is again up and running. If you or any other viewer notice that the Webcams are down I would appreciate a brief e-mail to this effect to enquiries@theclaremonthotel.co.uk I will then reinstate them with priority.
Regarding a Harbour Webcam. My Web Consultant and myself have given this considerable thought but it not practical from my system. We considered a cable run down the River Pol to the harbour but there are too many difficulties to avoid mechanical damage.  We also cannot get a clear wireless signal even from the top of the hotel to the harbour. The best practical solution would be a dedicated independent system with a broadband connection and I am willing to cover all costs if a harbour view house or business will be willing to house the system and have the camera installed on the outside of their house. If anyone is interested then please contact me.
Bill Smith Proprietor The Claremont Hotel
138 08/10/06
Hello there, I'm researching an exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery about an artist called Bernard Fleetwood Walker who used to take his family to South West coast during the 1930's. One of the paintings in the exhibtion is a scene of his family on hoilday at Polperro. I am interested to find some photographs or images of Polperro from the 1930's, ideally of people enjoying the outdoors, with picnics, cycling hiking or camping to go alongside the exhibtion. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Please email me at vicki.godfrey@btinternet.com, Thanks in advance Vicki
139 09/10/06
Hi Brian We are avid fans of Polperro and next year want to come down for the Festival Week in June.  Can you please tell us the definitive dates if you have them and any indication of what will be going on.  It wont matter if you cant tell us whats on as we will be coming anyway to our favourite place on earth.   Looking to book a cottage for a week possibly 2 weeks so really needs the dates.
Thank you and kind regards Aileen and John Shanks Larkhall, Lanarkshire.
I would hate you to be here for the wrong week so I checked! 16 - 24 June 2007 - and that's hot from the Chairperson!! Brian
140 18/10/06 Hi Brian Just need some info on a certain gentleman called Ralph Griffiths. I obtained three of his black & white drawings of Polperro harbour. These have been signed and dates back to 1966.
What kind of artist was he ? One question is he well renowned and also is it worth holding onto these for minatory reasons. Cheers Steve
To who it may concern: Hello my name is Richard Berger. I have a queston about a painting i have,
this Painting is called "Long Liners of ..... a Watercolor of the Polperro Harbour by Frederick T.W. Cook. If anyone has any information on this mater   or know where i can find any information could you please email me at   rber710@hotmail.com Thank you For your time Richard

Steve & Richard - Sadly we really don't seem to have any art experts on the strength! Maybe one will offer their services through the message board? Certainly Griff and Freddie Cook lived locally and thay were 'known'. Whether that makes thetr work collectable or valuable I'm sorry I haven't the faintest idea! Try an art dealer is the best I can suggest. Brian

I don't think that Ralph was well known out side the village, but I will ask Terry Bicknell. I seem to recall that Annya told me that on her death some of Freddies pictures where to go to one on the national galleris in London. He was a Fellow of the Royal Western Society, or something like that !! Will have a look on the door next time I go passed, assumming that it is still there. I suppose on that basis his pictures might be worth the odd shekel Tony
141 18/10/06

Dear Polperro - Now that there is broadband in the village has anyone set up an internet café? If there isn’t then surely there would be a demand especially from visitors whose lives are ruled by the internet nowadays. Many of the existing establishments would be suitable. We can’t wait for our fix of village life next week, see you all then. Regards Dave and Ann Rayner

144 26/10/06 Please can you help me.I would like to know if the cuckoo clock is still there,and if not is there any way i can get in touch with the manufactures.Thank you if you can help in this matter Donna
If you mean the giant mock one outside 'Going Cuckoo' in Fore Street then the shop is still there but they might be closed for the winter by now. Kevin and Maike holiday in Florida. There is no contact information that  I know of so try an email care of me and I will drop it in to the shop but be quick. Brian
Hi Donna, "Going Cuckoo" is still there but closes for the winter on sunday 29th oct. We will be open again april 1st 2007.  If you have any queries about cuckoo clocks you can contact 01503 272518 leave your phone no and I will get back to you. Please phone before 15th nov, werner
145 26/10/06 Hi, we've just arrived to live and work at Wesley House Gallery. We'd like to say a BIG thankyou to everyone who has popped in or sent a card to welcome us to the village.We've been overwhelmed by the warmth you've shown us. If you haven't met us yet, please feel free to drop in and say hello - we'd
love to meet you! Wendy and Maggie.
146 30/10/06 I would just like to say a big thank you to all our friends in Polperro who have been so supportive and very kind during this unfortunate time.   I cannot believe how helpful everyone has been - we so love Polperro and the support and friendship we have received during the last few weeks has been wonderful.  Thank you  Maureen Alldis - Slipway  Cottage x
147 13/11/06
hi there,does anybody recall an artist called kenneth hayward apparantly from polperro.i was told he got killed on the looe to polperro road whilst rideing his bike in 1995.i have some of his paintings but canot find any info on him.all i know is that he trained at goldsmiths college in london and that he was well travelled.i was also told that he was a recluse and declined to sell his paintings for his passion outwayed his love for money. 

Information from Terry Bicknel and Monica.

Ken was quite a well known local artist who used to live at Content Cottage, down the Warren. The picture used on the front of the the first Festival programme was one of his. He also had an exhibition of paintings during that week and sold out. Although he was quite talented he apparantly had very little little interest in making money from his paintings. If he was short of cash, then he would do some paintings and then sell them.

He was riding up the hill out of Polperro on his scooter/motorbike, when he had a heart attack and died. Cheers Tony 

148 13/11/06 Hi to All our friends in Polperro. Just like to say we had another excellent weekend in Polperro last week and we really enjoyed the fireworks display however we were surprised how many people chose not to contribute towards the cost. Thank you also to the Claremont Hotel who, through their webcams, allow us our daily dose of Polperro. See you all for the Christmas Lights weekend (Our wedding Anniversary) Phil and Dawn (Isle of Wight)
149 18/11/06
hi we have just come back from a week in polperro,and the fireworks display was great.
the village is still great ,but i feel it has been let down by some dog owners who dont clean up after their pets.
the food in the 3 pilchards is still the best.
see you all next year ,minus the dog mess . Paul Green
I would like to say that all residents have too much respect for Polperro to behave in that way but I can't! I suppose we are just like any other town really - except that we have a huge number of visitors - a few of which behave as badly as a few of our residents! I gave up expecting perfection a good few years ago! Brian
hi brian sorry i didnt mean  to aim my thoughts at the residents of polperro. sadly i think it must be the visitors . to all the people who are thinking of visiting polperro,please do .its a fantastic place ,but if you have a dog please clean up after them. p.s see you in the 3 pilchards
paul (from sunny london)
Paul! Lol - no you didn't say it - I did! We can't blame all our woes on visitors although it would be easy to do so. Visitors do take a toll on the village but that goes with the territory. We can't expect to live in this great place and exclude to rest of the world can we! I'm afraid there are always a few local people who can't seem to make just a little effort - fortunately it IS only a small number! Brian
150 21/11/06
Hi, our family are celebrating Christmas in Polperro again this year, much better than stating at home!!.  This year we aim to buy our meat locally, can anyone recommend a good butchers, also their telephone number so we can pre-order.
Can't wait until 22 December, to sit by the roaring fire in the Pilchards having a nice meal. Many thanks -  Lorraine & Family
I'm sorry there hasn't been a flood of helpful answers! We have two good grocers in the village - Yaxley & Polperro Newsagents - who might be able to order for you but no actual butcher. There is a good one in Pelynt but I wouldn't know if he delivers. Looks like a phone book job! Brian
Get in touch with John Yaxleys Foodstore 01503 272227. 
They are able to order any meat you require from the butcher that supplies Rick Stein!!!!
151 30/11/06

Hi Brian, As mentioned in a previous message we are coming to visit for the week over New Year. Please could somebody tell me whether a luggage taxi of some sort will be operating between Christmas and New Year( specifically on 28th Dec and 4th Jan 07). If it is, please could you post the contact name and phone number? Thanks again for your help, Vanessa

To sort of answer your question! There is a number I think somewhere above in a previous message! I know that doesn't sound very helpful but I have to start work on the FAQ page which is getting ever more pressing! I have been promising and time is limited as with everyone! Hopefully your answer will appear there if you can wait but I should caution you that they have been about to happen for a LONG time!!! Brian
152 05/12/06
Hello. Could you shed any more light on a drawing I have just bought from a charity shop. From reading on the site the artist is a well known character in the area. It is signed twice with a title of "the 013 watch house, Polperro" and below that "Griff 68". Then around the margin there is "by Ralph J Griffin  Pol Studios Polperro 3.8.77".  This drawing was the kind that pleads to buy it and I am glad I listened, when I got it home the detail is outstanding. It looks a lovely place to visit and just chill with the locals. Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you Christopher Quinn

Chris - have a root through the above messages - Griff has a number of mentions 'in dispatches'.Brian

153 13/12/06
Hi there, I know this is the Polperro message board, but when there's no where else to turn......
Does any one know anything about what looks like a World War II bunker or gun placement in the garden of May Lane House at Millendreath? We stay in Looe or Polperro every year, sometimes twice in the year. This year we stayed at May Lane House and I was intrigued by the structure in the garden. When I asked around in Looe, no one seemed to know anything.
Regards Dave Salt Trentham Stoke-on-Trent
155 22/12/06
We would love to come and stay somewhere but we have a 3year old Golden retriever who is so well trained, we would love to bring her but it may be a problem, are their any holiday homes that woyuld allow such. Polperro looks so nice, I can as a boy vagely remember Babacoome and Looe, but that was over54 years ago.  My wife has never been to cornwall so I thought 2007 I,ll show her Polperro and surrounds.  My email address is davidbuettner01@aol.com can anyone please help us.Oh Im Disabled as well with Ostiarthritis.
156 10/01/07
just returned from a wonderful 2 weeks in polperro,
while we were there we took a few photos esp at night ,due to the lovely christmas lights around the village.
We took a picture of the tree outside the school/village hall
up by crumplehorn, it was a clear night with no fog or smoke,myself and my husband both went icy cold and when we  viewed the picture on our digi cam there is a ghost like image on the photo.
We both know there was nothing in view apart from the christmas tree outside the school hall.
I would love to know any more infromation on any more ghost reports in that area.
Also i'd like to thank Caroline and her staff for looking after us most days and nights in the Blue Peter, the food was good and the mulled wine was wonderfull. kim & mark
Ooo - er! Could we have a copy of the picture - see if anybody knows who it is? Brian

Hi Brian, I would like to respond to the ghostly photo taken by Kim and Mark, message no. 156. It so happens that I have been fortunate to purchase a very old book by Jonathan Crouch entitled, History of Polperro. A story which is over 150 years old explains that a little above the Crumplehorn called, "Old Walls," is a building that has no proper road leading to it only a surrounding of marshy ground and wild flowers used for medicinal purposes.
There lives here 2 elderly sisters who are reclusive and are extremely self-sufficient. They had no involvement with anyone and just kept themselves to themselves. One day a farmer had lost a couple of sheep and blame lay toward the two sisters as they had no means of labour and were not capable to do any because of their elderly state.
A house search was made and all that was found were a pot full of snails salted and ready to eat. Nothing was said against the sisters but because of the distress caused one of the ladies died soon after. They had still felt shame even though they were deemed as innocent. Maybe, this could have been a friendly visit by the lady herself. I hope this may explain something towards the mystery that wonderful evening Kim and Mark spent in Polperro. Regards, Phil and Jan 

hi Brian,
thanks for thr reply on the forum , i've attached the picture we took for you to see.
please point me in the direction of any info on ghosts of polperro.
kim & mark
I'm reserving judgement! But I would be delighted to be persuaded! Brian

Hi Brian. I have seen the photo of the ghost thing outside the school. About 6 weeks ago I was looking on the web cam from the claremont hotel again it was night time, and I saw this same thing coming up the coombs swirling and went over the web cam. I thought I was seeing things!

I think you have a ghost in the village!

Coming back to Polpero in March so we might be ghost hunting!

Have a look on the claremont web cam you might see something! Paul Green

It is a quaintly fanciful notion that the ghostly apparition outside the Village Hall is a spirit manifestation, but the answer is a lot more scientific. When the temperature of the stream is warmer than the surrounding air it causes water vapour to be released. It is just the same as breathing out when the weather is below freezing, but on a much bigger scale. I saw this happen a lot during the winter during my 18 years at Crumplehorn Inn, especially where the stream emerges from under the road. At this spot it is sheltered from wind and the water vapour hangs around. The Inn and Mill itself has a number of ghostly tales which are not as easily explained. Please e-mail andrewcrumplehorn at msn.com for the details of all these 'happenings' whilst I lived there.
The ghostly mists on the Claremont camera are caused by sea mist rolling in. I watch there a lot.
Best wishes to all our friends from a cold and snowy Canada. Andrew Taylor Toronto - Canada
Andrew - if you are so inclined I would welcome your ghostly tales - we could have a page for them I'm sure! Brian
157 10/01/07 Hello everybody nearly christmas which means only one thing,it`s nearly time for my annual trip to Polperro.Have come down on the first weekend after new year for about 6 years, always have a great time so much live music a good chat with the locals(as me and my mate seem to be the only tourists which is good.)So if you see two blokes who are strangers (not strange)say hello Mus thats me and have a chat.
158 22/01/07 Hi all... could anyone tell me how far island cottage is up THE WARREN....... i cant seem to find any information on it..... thanks in advance Paul
Maybe too late! Sorry! Island Cottage is the rather sqare blocky looking building that looks like it's bolted on the end of the harbour wall in this picture. That's before the Warren starts to rise and after the Museum! You only see the upper part of it from the Warren. Brian
159 22/01/07
hi to all ast polpero happy 07 love tracy and glen thanks mary in the ship for putting up with hubbie on his travrls xxxxxxxxxx
160 23/01/07 Hello to everyone in Polperro. I am trying to find an old friend who my wife and I have lost contact with. Merv Beaver the artist and his lovely wife Sarah. We believe he has or had a studio in your village. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, the pirate
Merv used to be a member of Polperro Arts Foundation a while back but has since moved on to a similar group in Looe. Hopefully someone knows a contact of some sort? Brian
161 01/02/07

Hey Folks! Luke Gregory here. I hope you are all well. Mum keeps me abreast of much of what occurs but I thought I would personally say g’day. Tris, Beaver, Rob I am sure you are all still ugly. I’m going bald! I hear Kim Iben is back in town. Give him a nudge for me will ya? My email address is attached. Drop me a line. I have some interest in what all the old crew are up to. If you can’t get my email address from this message board I will give mother strict instructions to pass-on my details.
To all the pretty Polperro girls who helped me love life-I still think about you all. Particularly if you have beautiful blue eyes and your first son is called Luke.
If any of you have any contact with Mark Blatchford, please say hi for me. I have met a million people in my short but colourful life but he is one of the very best. Enjoy life.
Luke Gregory
email Luke.Gregory@la.com.au

162 06/02/07

Hello, We have been asked by one of our holiday parties who will be staying at Landaviddy Manor later this year if we can locate any local babysitters. It's a service other holidaymakers might appreciate, so we wondered if there's anyone local who would be interested?
Nicky Roberts, Bookings Manager, Legend Holidays, 01752 812812

163 06/02/07
Don't know if Ive asked this before, buttttt on the forum Is it possible to have the latest messages at the top to save scrolling down ?? Just to give you something to do of course . Regards Brian & Jenny

No Brian you haven't asked it before and I would like to point out that such a notion would have been an excellent idea at the beginning of the forum!
Actually I have been threatening to create a FAQ page and delete a lot of what has gone before! Perhaps your idea might be implemented then! Brian

Message to Brian and Jenny, try hitting the "End" key on the keyboard (assuming you have this key of course!), it should take you to the last message without the need to scroll down. The "Home" button takes you back to the top of the page. Hope it works for you! Trev 
Um! Works too! I really do learn something everyday! Brian 
164 26/02/07

Hi Brian, I’ve been looking on line for information about Shirley Harrel a Polperro painter who used to paint in Mousehole studio Crumplehorn. I have a few of her paintings and was considering selling, but I’m unsure of their value or popularity.
Do you have any idea of her whereabouts or galleries that may sell her work. Regards Robbie

After all this time I find I still have absolutely no idea what paintings are worth! Just as well I'm not a dealer! Suggest you ask one of them Robbie! Shirley used to live in Crumplehorn but has moved - not sure where to. Her brother Alwyn Crawshaw has a web page - you could try him? Google it! Brian
165 07/03/07

Hi  My mum is staying in Polperro next week and I was hoping to get some flowers delivered to her cottage.  However it is not accessible by car as it is the row of cottages before you begin the walk to Talland Bay.  Does anyone know of any florists who might be able to help? Many Thanks Katie (Southampton)

In answer to your question and flower delivery; the local florist in Looe would be delighted to help you - Patsy's 01503 264830 - Good Luck, I hope your Mum enjoys her holiday... Tom Woodley
166 07/03/07  
We are visiting Polperro on 26th May,could you tell me how much a week long parking permit is please.
167 08/03/07
we are visiting cornwall from the 11 to 25july openingtimes for the polperro arts foundation please
Sadly it's very difficult to answer that! It's run on a voluntary basis and somewhat irregular. They do try to put a scehdule on the door week by week so best have a look once you are here! Brian
168 22/03/07 Is anyone able to give a contact name/number for Fairview Cottage in the Warren. Stayed there last year but is not on the agents' lists. Sue
169 22/03/07

Hello, I have 2 Picture prints " The Pilchards Inn"  &  "The Jolly Sailor" passed down to me from my mum given to her in 1943 as a 21st birthday gift.   I believe the said pubs are in Looe & Polperro. I would be grateful to know if they still exist and what year they were built. Any info you can give
would be of interest and most welcome. Thank you.   Janie

We have a 'Three Pilchards' in the village - no idea of it's date! 'Jolly Sailor' is a stranger! Brian
Isn't the Jolly Sailor a pub in West Looe? Jacky

It seems you are quite correct Jacky but Sue goes further! Brian (soberly!)

Here is a link for The Jolly Sailor for the other guy's query
http://www.looedirectory.co.uk/jolly-sailor.htm   (can tell you're not a drinker!). Sue

Hi Brian Jacky & Sue Sorry for delay in reply, many thanks your info it was most helpful with regard to my pictures ( The Jolly Sailor & Pilchards Inn ). I will continue to delve. Thank you for taking the time.
Kind regards Janie
170 22/03/07 My boyfriend and I recently had a holiday in polperro, and heard that the New Years eve celebrations are great. I was wondering if you could give me some details about what the New Years eve celebrations will involve this year? Kate  x
Actually I don't think there ARE any arrangements per se! But then there never are! Things just seem to happen in a happy way when people set out to have a good time! Some do fancy dress but there is no competition or anything. Brian
171 22/03/07

I'm coming to Polperro for Easter and am wondering if there are any Internet cafes? Zoë McHugh 

No - sorry! Better bring a laptop! Brian
Both The Old Mill House Inn and The Claremont Hotel have facilities for visitors/guests to access the Internet. At the Claremont Hotel this service is only available during the day.
Kind regards, Bill Smith Proprietor The Claremont Hotel
I stand corrected! I assume you mean these facilities are available to people 'off the street' and not actually staying with you Bill? Brian
Hi Brian, Yes, the Internet at The Old Mill House Inn is for everybody, guests, customers and "off the street". The Claremont Hotel is intended for hotel guests but we do let non guests use the service and also our WIFI but only during the day. Kind regards, Bill Smith
the old mill house inn also has wireless broadband & is usually open from 9am to 11pm
regards mervyn
172 27/03/07 Hi, Does my brother Robin Davis and his wife Gilly still own The Mermaid Hotel? RIchard Davis
Hello RIchard. Sort of! Robin and Gilly own the Mermaid Pizzaria. Brian

OK! All that scrolling has finally driven me to do something radical! I have deleted all messages before 11/05/06 and will be producing a FAQ page! It was bound to happen the message archive was getting far too cumbersome and ponderous.

I would very much like to install a proper moderated message board but sadly I am not really experienced enough to do the necessary! If anyone wants to jump in and lead me through it that would really be good! Just get in touch! Brian

173 08/04/07  
Hello, I am bringing my daughter Christine with me for the upcoming PFHS gathering.  I am lookin forward to seeing everyone. Kathryn Packard
Pleased to hear it Kathryn! For those who don't know there is a thriving  Polperro Family History Society that meets every year . This year it's April again and by the way you don't have to be a Polperro Family person the get a lot out it! Check out the events page for details! Brian
174 08/04/07  
Well its been over 20 years since i went to Polperro. I guess there is a lot of History and loads to say and plenty of Memorys about the place. I once went for a Boat Ride along the Sea at one time. Polperro is such a Beautiful place to go to. A bit to see and do. While i stayed at Killigarth with my Mum and Dad years ago. We stayed at Mary House while my Dad booked a last minute deal. I hope to go again one day in the Future. Finally this is what i would like to say. (POLPERRO is beautiful keep it so.
175 08/04/07 Hi.  We are coming down late on Friday 25th May and returning on Monday 28th May (which is the Bank Holiday).  There are 4 adults.  Is there a hotel, B&B or holiday cottage that we could rent for this period preferably in the Polperro area but if not in Looe?  Many thanks.  Jill and Glynn
I suggest you check out the polperro.org site for accommodation! Have a great time ! Brian
176 13/04/07
Hi, I am looking for a holiday cottage to rent for the week from saturday the 11th to saturday 18th August, for 4 adults (2 couples) and a very well behaved elderly greyhound. Could anyone help please, left it rather late, and everywhere seems to be booked up. Many thanks. Jean.
I do wish you luck Jean! Sadly I'm not sure how many holiday let owners read our modest efforts! Brian
Jean, have you tried the Crumplehorn Inn. You can either go on a self catering or b&b basis. We go every year with our dog and they make you very welcome, oh and the food is excellent! Pauline
177 17/04/07
We have been coming to Polperro for many years and always really enjoy the walk to Talland Bay.   On the way we take the detour to the ships light on Reubens Walk.   Does anybody know who Reuben was? Sara, Terry and Adam Ringwood
I believe the Reuben in question was Reuben Oliver, a respected local personality and Harbour master many moons ago. We named our son Reuben after this walk. Regards. Richard.
Reuben Oliver was a former Harbour Master.Brian Palmer
Thank you Richard & Brian Palmer for your info on Reuben Oliver - I am glad it is named after a real person.   We will be doing the walk again when we come down in July - looking forward to it! Sara, Ringwood
178 17/04/07
Hi. Can you tell me if the bus service to and from the car park has started running yet this year? I seem to remember it starts about easter time. Many thanks Dave
Last time I looked it was! Glasgow had ice cream wars - we have shuttle wars! I always walk - drives them nuts! Brian
179 17/04/07

When is the events section going to be updated Thanks Chris

The very instant anybody gives me info to put there! Not a new problem! Actually it was done less than a week ago. We aren't keeping anything from you I assure you! Brian
Ooops! Actually I forgot to change the month when I did the update on the 12th so I can see where you were coming from! Brian
180 20/04/07

Hi, I and 6 other people are coming down to Polperro for The New Year, we are bringing a girl of 12 years old down with us. She is very well behaved you really don’t know hat she is there but I am needing to no ASAP wheather she will be allowed in the pubs until 12am on the New Years eve? Kate x

We were down there at new year 2006/7  and we have an 11 year old who was allowed in all the pubs as long as they behave.we were in them until about 1 oclock on new years eve and never had a problem. Terry in east yorkshire.

Thanks terry, your information is much appreciated. Kate x

181 20/04/07

Hi my husband and I visited Polperro 2 weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with your beautiful village. We visited the smuggling museum and I saw a book for sale on the stand by the door, I meant to buy it on the way out but it had gone out of my head because of all the interesting things in the museum. The book was about a young girls travels from America to Cornwall and the north of England. Could you be so kind as to tell me the title and author of the book so that I may buy it. Thank you. Also we were really taken by the old photos of the fishermen is there any way we could get copies of some of them. Look forward to hearing from you. Shelia and Dave Allwood

The book that Sheila and Dave Allwood are seeking is Lucy's Diary published by the Polperro Heritage Press.  It can be purchased direct from the publisher by going to the following webpage:
Polperro Heritage Press, Clifton-upon-Teme, Worcestershire, WR6 6EN    Tel: +44 (0)18868 12304
e-mail: polperro.press@virgin.net or www.polperropress.co.uk
182 26/04/07 Trying to get in touch with Martin The Hatter.  We have another family wedding May 2008.  Ask Martin if he would contact conallholly@hotmail.com
Um - neither a please nor a thank you! These days I suppose I'm lucky there are vowels! Brian
183 06/05/07
Hi We have booked a cottage in Polperro for Christmas week and we are thinking of travelling from Southport in our Renault Traffic converted van so that we can break the journey half way.  Please could anyone let us know if we can park for the week in the Polperro car park (due to its size). of course we would not be sleeping in it. Thanks for any help you may be able to give. J+R
The main car park has special large spaces for motorhomes etc so you should be ok! You are right about not being allowed to sleep there! Have a good visit! Brian
184 06/05/07
Hey, Visited polperro last year in september for the first time and totally fell in love with the place, we returned to see the fireworks in november. Will there be another display this year as i really want to come back down it was totally amazing. Thanks Ellie
The famous Polperro display is an annual event and takes place as close to Nov 5 as possible but you should check with the events page nearer the time to be sure. Sadly of course it is in the lap of the gods regarding the weather and sometimes has had to be rescheduled. Brian
185 06/05/07

Hello Brian, Would you be so kind as to advise whether it is possible to take a boat trip from Looe to Polperro during the Summer (or vice versa) so we could do that one day and then walk back via the coastal path?  We usually take the bus one way and walk the other, but to do one way by boat would be great (weather permitting of course!). Thanks for your time. Deborah

Boat trips are usually run daily to Looe and Fowey from Polperro, ( subject to the weather, and number of people). The best thing that they can do is to go down to the Quay and speak to Jackie the day before they want to go. Tony

186 16/05/07 Hi Brian, Do you know of an artist A C Morehouse? & is he still around I understand he was from your way some years ago. Regards Janie
Sorry Janie - I don't know him - maybe someone else will! Brian
Hello again Brian, How on earth do I expect you to know an artist when I give you the wrong name! his name is A C Shorthouse from Looe, are you any wiser? does anyone know of him? Kind regards Janie
Still no - sorry! Brian
188 22/05/07
Hi.  I'm looking for my brother Willie Wilson who has a daughter Carol.  Last I heard from him, he was living at Mill Villa in Polperro.  Any information would be appreciated. Mabel Heron
I am informed that he left the village for parts unknown about 5 years ago! Sorry! Brian
189 22/05/07

Hi, I’ve heard the Captain’s Cabin on Lansallos Street is on the market – so you know who is selling and for how much? Thanks Jessica

190 23/05/07
Please would you let us know when details of the festival will be available on the web site?
Many thanks HK Snelgrove

We are of course keeping everything a secret! You had guessed that I expect!

Well no - we aren't really but I understand your frustration! I have some info that is currently being made up into a web page and that will go up pretty soon. The rest of the details are being finalised even as I write (they tell me!) so keep checking and stay patient - people toiling to do miracles here (unpaid too!) Brian

191 31/05/07
Hi my family  and I will be coming to stay in your beautiful village in late July early august. I can see from the pictures that vehicular access is difficult!   I wonder if you could advise me if there is any vehicular access to the area  around smugglers cottage on the keyside where we will be staying as we have a small toddler and a weeks worth of holiday kit to get there.or am I just gonna have to get fit first and push it? thank you very much see you all in July Doug harwood

Doug! The official line is that there is no parking in the village and in fact no stopping either. The truth is that there are places that will stand a little quick unofficial stopping to off load. Don't tell anybody though and you didn't get it from me! The Quay is such a place at the sea end of Lansallos Street (see the map on this site). There is room to stop briefly but no parking as such. Of course there are always abusers - please don't be one of those! I get a succession selfish, irritating and inconsiderate people who think it's ok to park outside my bay window and regularly clump it because they don't know how to drive and then the compound the felony by pretending it didn't happen! If it was ok to park there then I would be doing it - why do people think rules don't apply to them?

Be advised that the streets are often filled with slow moving people eating pasties and very narrow - if you really must bring a vehicle in then please remember that - it can be a very harrowing little drive! If you don't have a very good reason to do it then don't. Don't forget I didn't tell you it was ok to bring your car in! Brian

192 31/05/07

Hello, I have a holiday park at St Austell and I’m being asked if the Polperro Proms are going ahead this year as no information seems to be available yet. Could you point me in the right direction for more info please? Regards, Frances  Taylor

Frances! As far as I know the Proms have been put on the back burner for a while now. Sad but there was simply no easy way to raise sufficient money to stage them. If someone is funding it then no one has told me! Nothing unusual there of course! I will check for you! Brian
Tony - the Oracle of the Village Post Office - doubts there will ever be another Polperro Prom Concert. Shame isn't it - everything is down to money in the end! Brian
Hi Brian Having seen Frances Taylor's message re the Proms status I felt I should give a little update. The Proms committee still exists and with the amount of work that has gone into it in the past (not to mention considerable personal expense to many on the Committee), we are not prepared to give up yet.  It is certainly our intention to do something again but for many reasons, not least the necessity to charge for admission, it will not take place in the harbour but at another local venue.  The collections in the Harbour, in the main, just did not produce fair donations from those attending.  Hopefully the new venue will still provide a unique setting with sea views.  It is being discussed and investigated - watch this space.  It will not be this year but possibly in 2008. We have had a fairly torrid time over the past 18 months trying to recover valuable equipment which was not returned to us. This involved us in Court litigation, a case which we have now won and recovered our costs. It did however knock us back a bit and our enthusiasm was somewhat dented.  We are getting over it!
Just for interest the Soprano from our last classical concert - the superb Suzanne Manuell - is performing during the forthcoming Festival with an accompanist.  The tickets for this concert are £8 - worth every penny and I will certainly be going. Our classical concert involved a 45 piece orchestra including a brilliant solo voilinist, Suzanne, and Wynne Evans - principal tenor with Welsh National Opera and a regular on television. Our average donation was no more than £2 per head.  How much was it really worth? I am mentioning this just to illustrate the frustrations of the Commitee members and as an explanation for our lack of communication recently.
Alan Elliott  
Thanks for mentioning Festival Alan! There is a full programme of events integrated with the events page for those who have asked! Brian
193 31/05/07
Hi Brian, My wife and I spent 2 wonderful weeks in Polperro last year and shall be returning again in July. What I noticed was that as we passed the Welcome to Polperro sign I lost my T-Mobil signal. Now I have seen people using mobiles so I wonder if you know what networks are availible in the village. Thanks Bob & Carole Brown
Bob - I am somewhat at a disadvantage as I don't own one but I think Orange works here. No doubt someone will rush to correct me if that's wrong? Brian
Tony - who knows all and tells all without thought to consequence - says that is correct! Brian
We came to polperro for new yearm my friend had a vodaphone with no signal whatsoever, my daughter had T mobile with no signal whatsoever but me and my wife both are on orange and we had no problems at all, I think orange`s coverage is excellent but did not expect any sort of signal in polperro. Terry, Hull.
194 01/06/07
Hi, We're on our way very soon and will be staying for the festival. Is there a programme yet, as our kids just loved the Morris Dancers...     Thanks in advance, Patrick 
Patrick! That's good to hear! Yes the programme is out - available in all good Polperro shops! There will be a quick refer page up to day and a proper Festival listing on the events page in a couple or three days to fill in the details! Jingle jingle! Brian
195 11/06/07
David C. Morris
196 11/06/07 Hi, could anyone please email Chris Curtis' phone number or email address, have mislaid the phone number. My easiest email address: roddytoo@gmail.com Chris Ferguson, a regular visitor, see my website www.knotatwork.co

Hi Chris! I could give you the phone number but then I would have to crank up Google or the phone book and to be quite honest I don't see why you shouldn't do that yourself! I know that sounds grumpy and unreasonable and I could have done it by the time I had written this email but then you could do that in the time it took you  to email me don't you think? I really don't mean to offend but what did you last servant die of?

I tell you what - I'll be really generous and helpful - search on 'Harbour Master Polperro' in google - it will truly astound you!

Now everybody will know what an old grouch I am! That most reasonable of men Victor Meldrew lives on and I love him! Or was that Basil Fawlty passing through? Brian

I have just had a message from Victor (my hero!) offering the Harbour Master's phone number! Thanks Victor but I still think Chris can manage google! Thanks for the thought though. Basil
That's strange - the number Victor gave me is not the one google turned up. Umm - what would Basil do? Cybil has got me in an arm lock - Ok - I give in - Chris you can get a number from google OR Victor says 'try 01503 272809. Victor - er no I'm Basil - no I'm not - I mean Brian. I get confused these days!
197 11/06/07 As a child I spent summer hols often visiting Polperro and swimming in a natural rock pool on the right of the harbour. Is it still there and is it safe to swim in? I’m bringing my own children to Polperro in August and am looking forward to showing them the village and pool. Lorna
Hi Lorna. Yes the pool is there and nobody has told me it isn't safe. My wife evicted a jellyfish once but as the water is fresh every tide that cam happen of course. We had a squad of soldiers down a while back repairing the steps. You can see a picture on the web site. Brian
198 17/06/07
Hi I visited Polperro around the time of the Summer Solstice a couple of years ago & was lucky enough to be there one night during the festival when the celebrations came to a crescendo at the harbour, with torchlight processons, fireworks and maidens dancing on the sea wall.  I wonder if you can tell me if this event is happening this year, and if so, on which evening? Thanks! Suzanne

Ah - halcyon days! That was a great day! No more maidens I'm afraid! That was a one off when we enjoyed the input of some professional event stagers who seemed to have access to all the money they wanted! Sadly money has always been an issue for us.

The Polperro Festival  is still going and it's a gentle 8 day bash taking place Saturday to the following Sunday every year centered around the week that includes the equinox. Guess what - it's on right now! Check out the events page on this site! click Brian

199 17/06/07 I understand that the Buccaneer Restaurant has been sold - does anybody know what it is to become? Sid
Funnily enough I know this whithout asking anyone! Martin the Hatter (AKA Martin Soden) has bought it and plans to carry on the business much as before for the time being. Brian
200 18/06/07
Hi, just found the website by mistake and it is absolutely fabulous.  My friend and I intend to holiday in magical Polperro in Early November this year for one week and I wondered if you anyone can answer a few questions for me before I book as it's a birthday celebration and I want to get it just right.
Are the streets cobbled (ask as my friend is not too clever walking on them - bless him)
Parking understand that parking at/on property not always possible as most areas traffic free but have you any idea where the parking areas are in location to i.e. The Warren or the Harbour/Quay? and are they uphill and a long walk? again I ask because of my friends mobility. Have tried to find out on the net but not managed to (but then I am blonde! so this is sometimes to be expected)
plus what you would consider safe dog walking at that time of year any suggestions (two small terrier cross dogs) both can fit through a cat flap individually!  
Any fireworks displays for Bonfire night? I hope so.
Thanks very much for your help and I look forward to hearing from you Best wishes to all who read this.
Gerrie (as it tom and or spice - younger than the male mouse, female but older than the singer....)

Ok! Streets are not cobbled except in small patches like outside my front door! Lets that advertise parking spaces generally are quite remote from them! There is no public parking in the village other than the main car park at the top of the village. There are one or two set down/offload sort of places but they are not officially designated parking spaces or even officially set/offload places for that matter. Check out my answer to question 191. You can drop off your friend than shoot off to the car park - at least the streets won't be busy in November!

As regards your delightfully cute sounding dogs erm - what was the question exactly? We have some great walks but whether they will be muddy depends! Thoughts of cliff walking may not fill your friend with eager anticipation but if you don't want to go too far you can stay on easy paths. Suitabliity of local cat flaps is not a speciality of mine.

Fireworks - YES! The 5th of November is on a Monday and I suspect the world famous display will be on the Saturday before but I'm not sure yet! I will check it out and the answer will be on the events page  click  (but it won't be there until I have seen Bob the carpet who might be away!) Brian

Hi Brian, re message 200 - thanks for your help much appreciated. What I mean't about the dogs was cliff top walks and their size - hopefully they wont be using any cat flaps!   As for parking you were a great help my friend the car driver is just going to have to get a little bit fit.
Bye for now Gerrie
201 19/06/07 We are in the process of booking accommodation for our holiday to Polperro next year and would love to visit for festival week - please can you confirm the dates for 2008 Kind regards Anne Windle
Original planning way back at the start says 21 - 29 June 2008 BUT the committee is all powerful and things are not set in concrete. I will ask the goddess of festival (Jude Mallarkey)  and get back if that is wrong as soon as she will tell me. Having said that you would be wise to book early as things do get full quickly. I will be as quick as I can. Brian
202 22/06/07

Does anyone have a copy of the first instalment of “The Parishes of Polperro” that they no longer want, I’ve been trying to obtain one for ages. Rita Contact “busylizzie@yahoo.co.uk”

Thorny question that Rita! A number of people have raised the question of obtaining actual full copies before. I have to remind everyone about matters of copyright of course. They haven't made it availble to buy so no wonder people ask! I have published your addy so you will have to wait and see what transpires - you never know - the programme makers might even get in touch - they are nice people! As usual of course the department will disallow any knowledge etc etc! Brian
203 22/06/07
Thank you for inviting us to perform once again at the Arts Festival. Shame about the weather but it was almost mid-summer! We managed to get a fair amount of dancing in and had a good session in the Noughts and Crosses afterwards. Our thanks to Robert for playing host. Hopefully you can organise some better weather next year! Andy King. Squire. Plymouth Morris Men.
Always glad to have you Andy. I thought Robert WAS in charge of the weatfher? Brian
204 26/06/07
Please can you tell me what date in december,the christmas lights will be turned on in the village this year ? i try to make sure we are down for a week to enjoy the grand switch on and the  local mulled wine !! kim & mark
Hi  Please could you let me know what date is the Christmas light Switch On in Polperro? Thankyou Simon Sharpe
Very good of you to batch your questions! I shall enquire of the King of Morris and Christmas lights assuming he can still hear after all those bells and bagpipes on Sunday!! Brian
Brian Saturday, December 8th. We are hoping to make it a bigger event this year, details to follow. Rob
205 28/06/07
We love Polperro and have stayed with you twice a year , May and December   for 15 years .  We were allocated a parking space with our cottage, but this meant driving through the village, so to make life easier we decided to park in the car park for the fortnight which we have done many times. The cost
was outrageous and ,I think, a great deal more expensive than last time we stayed.I can only asume this is privately owned and therefore a monopoly. It's time the council compulsary purchased it !! and charged a sensible price.  Jean and Graham Morgan Worcs

Ermm I’m afraid its something called supply and demand.  If you don’t like the price don’t park there. The council did in fact have the opportunity to buy the land that is now the car park back in the 60’s but didn’t.  the Beddoes family have owned it ever since and do a pretty good job at running it, and Jim did quite a bit for the village. Kerry

Yes you're quite right so we've booked jersey for our next holiday... and I do agree with you the car park seems to be very well run. Edna Meden
Actually I have parked in hospital car parks that were a lot more expensive. If the truth be known I truly doubt that the council could afford to buy it now! Brian
206 09/07/07
hi can anybody help me i am looking for a wooden carving approx 5" of joan the wad queen of the piskeys i am told that the are readily available in gift shops here's hoping cheers john
07809 729930
I will pass your email to the shop 'Joan the Wad' for you. I can't think of any other shops that might have what you are looking for! Maybe someone will correct me if I am wrong? Brian
207 16/07/07
My partner and I recently visited Polperro for the weekend and both enjoyed it very much.  We've both been many times before, but this time we noticed it seemed very quiet in the pubs.  There wasnt as much live music as there has been before, and some of the pubs were almost empty on Friday and Saturday night.  We both remember when most of the pubs had music on these nights, and often they were so busy you could hardly move!  Has anyone else noticed this?  We were wondering if it was maybe the weather, or the smoking ban, or if this was becoming normal.  Maybe we just caught it on the wrong weekend! Ben
208 17/07/07

Hi Brian, or anyone else who may be able to help! We’re spending a week in Polperro from this Saturday and wondered if anyone was still running a luggage taxi from the Car Park down into the town, in particular to the end of The Warren? Thanks. Russ & Jools

Too late I think but the following came from Giles Thomas!  Brian
Hi Brian, As the streets are so small and not all properties can be accessed by car the Luggage Taxi is available on request. This service is independent from outside our company. We do recommend that you book a couple of days prior to arrival, as time slots are limited.


Please contact Eddie 07837 999925 for all bookings. Kind regards Giles
209 17/07/07
hi there, just goin through my record collection and have come accross an lp by the polpero fishermans choir tittled "sounds like polpero" conducted by jack libby. the copyright date is 1973 can you tell me anymore about this record as it must be fairely rare. cheers george
210 18/07/07 Hello Brian, just wondering if a date had been set for the Beer Festival this year. Are there any plans made ? Regards Jay
It's usually later in the year when things are quieter. I haven't heard anything as usual - if they tell me I'll post it! Brian
Think this is run by The Old Mill House Inn beginning of October usually, try: THE OLD MILL HOUSE INN.  Mill Hill, Polperro, Cornwall, England. PL13 2RP Telephone: +044 (01503) 272362 e-mail: info@old-millhouse.co.uk    Sue
regarding the beer festival; the e-mail address given has not existed for over 4 years the correct one is enquiries@oldmillhouseinn.co.uk or oldmillhouse@btconnect.com regards mervyn
211 22/07/07
There used to be a very handy fish stall in Polperro, first on the harbour and then later futher up in the Coombes.  Last time we visited, they had all gone, which was a shame when you look forward to a nice crab salad in a Cornish fishing village!  Is anyone running this now?  Can you get a crab or fish locally?  Any information would be welcome. We don't like to have to stock up in Tesco's before arriving! MB
Actually the one in the Coombes is still there! Perhaps they were on holiday when you were last here or it was changing hands -  anyway it was there when I went out yesterday! Brian.
I was referring to the one run by Wally and Wenda who had retired some time ago! The stall in the Coombes (last year) did not sell fresh fish or crabs, only very basic "seafood".  So unless things have changed now (and I hope they have) it seems we will have to keep looking around.  I hear some of the local fishermen still catch and sell crabs etc. on request. MB
212 28/07/07
We are coming down to polperro in august, is there anywhere were the children can connect up to the internet? thankyou dawn
The Mill House has internet access and I think also the Crumplehorn. Tony
213 28/07/07
How can I get in touch with the Ebenezer Gallery in Polpero ? I visited on a day trip recently and saw a lovely painting which unfortunately lack of time stopped me buying !
215 30/07/07
As a frequent holiday visitor to Polperro( 9 yrs out of 12) I am a big fan of Bob South. Could anybody please tell me if he is still performing in the village ? We missed last year and the year before could not find anywhere where he was on. We are down again on the 4th August and it would be great if he was still out and about. Anybody stayed at  Fishermans Cottage in Landerviddy Lane, that's our port of call for this year and any feedback would be welcome. Roll on next week and hopefully better weather.

Hi Brian, Re the message about Bob, he is still alive and well and still entertains quite regularly in the local pubs and over in Looe as well.  Tony

216 30/07/07 Just a mention of Wayne Kelly who was killed on his motorbike a week ago.  Many people in and around Polperro aged around the 40 mark will have known Wayne, he went to Polperro primary and to Looe comp, he was a bit of a character and will be missed by a great number of people. Kerry
217 13/08/07
Would just like to wish Karen and Lee every success for the future at the Noughts and Crosses. They've recently taken over from David and Vicki who have always made us feel welcome. We look forward to seeing you all August bank holiday!!  Martyn and Rachel.
218 13/08/07 I am looking in Google Earth at the measured mile markers click but I can only locate three out of the four. Those three are located in open fields and are quite visible but the one located farthest SW is not clearly visible as it may be placed among the buildings. 

Could you tell me if it does, indeed, exist and where it is located? Alf Madrid, Spain

Brian, Seen the request that you mentioned. The two e-mail addresses are for google earth and the RNLI. If he goes on to polperrop.org and enters measured mile then there is a picture of the mile markers. The one that he can't find is the lower one which is on the top of the first rise from the cliff top, just in front of the camp site and the line of trees. It was there a couple of weeks ago. Tony

Tony - I have to admit I'm having trouble seeing on google satellite too - unless it's the slightly grey fuzziness just to the west of halfway along the bottom border of the campsite? #3 is plain enough as it throws a clear shadow. Actually looked at with Microsoft VE I'm pretty sure that's it - it has the same shadow pattern as #3

Alf - try www.flashearth.com - you can switch between several satellite views on that site.  Brian

219 14/08/07

Hi Brian! I’ll be in Polperro for the August Bank Holiday weekend and wondered if anyone knows of any particular events going on over that weekend or live music etc in any of the pubs as we’d love to have some evenings out enjoying all the lovely things Polperro has to offer! Many thanks and fingers crossed for some sunshine! Claire

I'll keep a look out and see what posters appear! Brian
220 14/08/07 Hello Brian, We are regular visitors to the beautiful village of Polperro, however, we have not been since the smoking ban became official. I know that the Claremont has a ban now, but do you know if there are any cottages where smoking is allowed, even if only on a patio or balcony.  We are coming in late September and have not booked anywhere yet. Thanks, John and Joanne Tudor Wakefield.
Um! I wouldn't know - perhaps you could ask the letting agents? My bet would be none! I had a hard fight to quit so I can guess what it's like. Getting really hard for smokers isn't it! Brian
Hello John & Joanne, I note that you mention that you would prefer accommodation with a smoking area and that a patio would do.
As you mentioned The Claremont Hotel is now No Smoking within the building, however part of the front patio is reserved for smokers. As you are facing the hotel the right side of the patio is the smoking area. Kind regards, Bill Smith  Proprietor
221 19/08/07

Hi brian Just wanted to say how much we miss all our friends and family in Polperro after our move back to Manchester and cant wait to visit our ‘home’ soon.

Hope everyone is happy and the playgroup is still going strong!  ( I miss my job there so much!) See you all soon, enjoy your summer! Sarah, Ric and baby Quinn !!

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